GT education

We offer dedicated game theory education in both undergraduate and graduate (MSc and PhD).
Undergraduate GT education:  
The GT group is proud to offer a minor in game theory for undergraduate students. The minor is open to excellent students from all over the campus.
More details can be found here.
Graduate GT education: 
The researchers in the GT group are always looking for graduate students.  If you would like to pursue a graduate degree in GT it is advisable is to find a MSc adviser and necessary to find a PhD adviser before starting the degree. Please do approach us.
General information for prospective full-time graduate students may be found on the Technion’s Graduate School website and on the Technion’s International School website. Note that it is common that a successful graduate student receives a fellowship and is provided with on-campus accommodations.


 Apart from the full-time option, graduate students are invited to participate in the research activities of the game theory group in one of the two following ways:

  • In the framework of the dual-doctorate agreements.
  • As visiting research students.  In this case funding is normally provided via individual research grants of the group members, who should be contacted accordingly.