List of current Ph.D. students:

Jonathan Wagner, supervisor: Reshef Meir.

Shimon Bitton, supervisors: Yuval Emek and Shay Kutten.

Gal Danino,  supervisors: Rann Smorodinsky and Itai Arieli.

Ran Ben-Basat, supervisors: Moshe Tennenholtz and Oren Kurland.

Tobias Langner (at ETH Zurich), supervisors: Yuval Emek and Roger Wattenhofer.

Jara Uitto (at ETH Zurich), supervisors: Yuval Emek and Roger Wattenhofer.

Jochen Seidel (at ETH Zurich), supervisors: Yuval Emek and Roger Wattenhofer.

konstantin zabarnyi, supervisor: Yakov Babichenko and Inbal Talgam Cohen.

List of current M.Sc students:

Omer Madmon Supervisor: Moshe Tenenholtz and Itai Arieli.

Ameer Amer, supervisor: Inbal Talgam-Cohen.

Yotam Gafni, supervisors: Ron Lavi and Moshe Tennenholtz.


List of Past students:

Segev Shlomov, supervisor:  Yakov Babichenko.

Omer Ben Porat, supervisor: Moshe Tennenholtz.

Itay Kavaler, supervisor: Rann Smorodinsky.

Oren Dean, Supervisors: Moshe Tenenholtz and Yakov Babichenko.

Gal Cohensius,  supervisor: Reshef Mair.

Gal Bahar, supervisors: Rann Smorodinsky and Moshe Tenneholtz.

Moran Koren (Stanford) , “Social learning in adaptive environments”.  Supervisors: Rann Smorodinsky and Itai Arieli.

Andrey Bernstein (Columbia University), “Approachability in dynamic games: algorithms, refinements, and application to no-regret problems”. Supervisor: Nahum Shimkin (2013).

Elad Dokow, “Aggregation of opinions on interrelated issues”. Supervisor: Ron Holzman (2010).

Itai Ashlagi (Stanford), ”Pre-bayesian games”. Supervisors: Dov Monderer and Moshe Tennenholtz (2008).

Alon Altman, “The axiomatic approach to ranking systems”. Supervisor: Moshe Tennenholtz (2007).

Ishai Menache (MSR, Redmond), “Competitive resource allocation in communication networks”. Supervisor: Nahum Shimkin (2007).

Noa Kfir-Dahav, ”Resource bounded mechanism design”. Supervisors: Dov Monderer and Moshe Tennenholtz (2003).

Shie Mannor (Technion), “Reinforcement learning in competitive environments”. Supervisor: Nahum Shimkin (2002).

Shlomit Hon-Snir, “Utility Equivalence in Auctions”. Supervisor: Dov Monderer (2001).

Aner Sela (Ben-Gurion University), “Learning Processes in Games”. Supervisor: Dov Monderer (1996).


List of past M.Sc students:

Yaacov Shapiro. Supervisors: Yuval Emek and Shay Kutten.

Lihi Cohen. Supervisors: Yuval Emek and Avishai Mandelbaum.

Wafung Wong, “Efficiency and equilibrium in network congestion games”. Supervisor: Rann Smorodinsky (2011).

Eran Galed, “Sequential mechanisms for the supply of public goods”. Supervisor Rann Smorodinsky (2010).

Omer Biran, “Efficiency and final consumer in resale markets with extrenalities”. Supervisor: Ron Holzman (2007).

Sergey Kuniawsky, “Coalitional congestion games”. Supervisor: Rann Smorodinsky (2006).

Inbar Aricha, “Overcoming free riding in multi-party computations – the non-anonymous case”. Supervisor Rann Smorodinsky (2005).

Itai Ashlagi, “The value of correlation in strategic form games”. Supervisors: Dov Monderer and Moshe Tennenholtz (2005).

Itay Ben-Dan, “Time sharing under dichtomous preferences”. Supervisor: Ron Holzman (2005).

Elad Dokow, “Aggregation of sets of judgments”. Supervisor: Ron Holzman (2005).

Rakefet Rozen, “Ex-post equilibrium for two buyers in the VCG combinatorial auctions”. Supervisor: Ron Holzman (2005).

Oran Reichman, “Uniqueness of the Nash Equilibrium in Competitive Routing”. Supervisor: Nahum Shimkin (2004).

Arnon Hershkovitz, “Extremal problems for the majority action on graphs”. Supervisor: Ron Holzman (2003).

Aviv Simionovici, “A negotiation based approach to scalable load balancing in distributed systems”. Supervisors: Rann Smorodinsky and Roy Friedman (2003).

Hadas Yaffe, “The restaurant problem – exploring the consumption pattern under 3 different marginal costs”. Supervisors: Rann Smorodinsky and Anat Refaelli (2003).

Orna Agmon, “Mechanism design for computation resource allocation aiming at a maximal utility for the organization”. Supervisor Rann Smorodinsky (2002).

Itai Zak, “Uncertainty and myopic loss aversion”. Supervisor: Rann Smorodinsky (2002).

Dmitry Zel, “Repeated decision making and the house money effect”. Supervisor: Rann Smorodinsky (2002).

Yevgenia Apertsin, “The core and bargaining sets in glove-market games”. Supervisor: Ron Holzman (1998).

Eyal Chermony, “Auctions and imperfect competition”. Supervisor: Dov Monderer (1996).

Shlomit Hon-Snir, “Discrete models and learning in auctions”. Supervisor: Dov Monderer (1996).

Nissan Lev-Tov, “Strong equilibrium in congestion games”. Supervisor: Ron Holzman (1996).

Eliyahu Bar-Yahalom, “Characterization of the metamorphism groups of all the classes of the Johnson scheme”. Supervisor: Ron Holzman (1995).

Yaron Leitner, “Collusion in noncooperative games”. Supervisor: Dov Monderer (1995).

Zeev Nutov, “The binary stochastic choice problem”. Supervisor: Dov Monderer (1992).

Aner Sela, “Learning processes in game theory”. Supervisor: Dov Monderer (1992).
Irit Talmor, “Signaling games”. Supervisor: Dov Monderer (1992).

Ilana Weismann, “Bargaining sets”. Supervisor: Dov Monderer (1992).